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M o v i n g   w i t h   s t r e n g t h   a n d   s u p p l e n e s s

Isabelle Tremblay osteopath



Did you know that osteopathy can help alleviate several muscular ailment?

Why don't you come try out



Sports Massage Therapy


Whether for athletes, sports enthusiasts or overall active people, massages can be a vital asset to training. During the training and race season you should get regular massages to avoid injuries and increase training efficiency.

Sports massage


massage sportif, prévention des blessures, support à l'entrainement

B.S.c., D.O. Ostéopathie

1160 St-Joseph Est 

Suite 305
H2J-1L4  Montréal (Qc)
Tél : 514.992.1215



The Clients
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