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M o v i n g   w i t h   s t r e n g t h   a n d   s u p p l e n e s s

Isabelle Tremblay osteopath

s p o r t s   m a s s a g e   t h e r a p y

Sports massages as a means of prevention



Whether for athletes, sports enthusiasts or overall active people, massages can be a vital asset to training. During the training and race season you should get regular massages to avoid injuries and increase training efficiency.


As massages are clearly more effective as a prevention tool, avoid waiting too long before getting one.



Sport massage; a targeted approach



Massage therapists must focus their work on the muscle groups that you use depending on the sport you practice. Massages must also take into account the tensions and pain that you feel without forgetting the type of training you do. The purpose of the massage will be to detect and relieve muscle tensions that limit movement.




Benefits of sports massages:  



  • Favours regular training


  • Can help avoid fatigue and injuries


  • Helps perform optimally during training and races


  • Helps maintain and acquire more flexibility


  • Prevents muscle and joint imbalance


  • Decreases training and competition related stress 




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